Demand forecasting for brewery company with 85 per cent accuracy

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In this video Mr.Sury Balasubramanian, Founder and CTO, Gaea Global Technologies, Chennai ( explains how by looking at past data his company was able to accurately predict the demand seasonality. This will help many companies reduce their inventory carrying costs. Have a look.

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Sunil Ashwin Roy is the Founder and CEO of International Institute for Procurement and Market Research. He is one of the leading Authoritative Figures today in the Market Research and Supply Chain Field. He has worked with Fortune 500 clients in USA, Argentina, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. He is qualified in Supply Chain Management from IIM-Calcutta and is also the founder of the world’s first procurement portal with inbuilt Market Intelligence tool that has members from 54+ countries.

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Demand forecasting for brewery company with 85 per cent accuracy
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