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How to Leverage Procurement to Realize Cost Savings

Doug Fraser

With more than 15+ years of experience in International Procurement, Mr.Doug Fraser currently works as Head of Procurement at Carribean Development Bank. He has handled strategic sourcing at Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Brazil. Let us watch his lecture that delves in to the different aspects of how Procurement can be leveraged to achieve Cost Savings.


Bindiya Vakil, President of Resilinc talks about Supply Chain Risk


It is a common practice among the Supply Chain Experts to always focus only on  the products or services that contribute more than 80% of their spend. They go a long way in hiring procurement intelligence companies or consultants who can help them to assess the supply chain risk of only their major spend categories. But lets face it. What if there is a raw material which is very low on spend but highly required to manufacture a product? What if it is single sourced? In other words, what if there is only one supplier from whom this can be procured? Since we cannot manufacture our product without this raw material, will this not have a significant impact on the company’s revenue? It is true that in the past there have been many cases wherein companies suffered huge loss in their revenue while others went to the extent of bankruptcy purely because of the fact they did not focus on the supply chain risk of low spend categories and items. In the following video, Ms.Bindiya Vakil, President of Resilink gives a classic example with Apple Inc. Check it out

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National Bank of Canada on Procure-to-Pay


Jacque Lavoie, Director, Center of Excellence, National Bank of Canada speaks on procure-to-pay at Ariba LIVE 2012 Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Ariba, Inc. is the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions. Ariba combines industry-leading technology to optimize the complete commerce lifecycle with the world’s largest web-based community to discover, connect and collaborate with a global network of trading partners, delivering everything needed to control costs, minimize risk, improve profits and enhance cash flow and operations all in a cloud-based environment. Whether you are buying, selling or managing cash, you can do it more efficiently and effectively in the Ariba Commerce Cloud. Over 325,000 companies, including more than 90 percent of the Fortune 100, use Ariba’s solutions to drive more efficient inter-enterprise commerce.

Interview with Brooke Krenn, Senior Manager of Procurement Systems at Cox Enterprises, Inc.


A problem that most of the companies face today is managing multipe ERP systems. So what is a quick solution to the nagging complexity and implementation in moving from one ERP to another? Is there a solution to manage both your direct and indirect spend? Any guesses? Well! In this video Brooke Krenn, Senior Manager of Procurement Systems at Cox Enterprises in USA explains why the cloud solution from Ariba is the best answer.


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Why is Procurement/Sourcing so hot?


Biochemsoft is a global leader in Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Social Management. Based out of Basel in Switzerland and offering their solutions over the last two decaded, they have developed a strong expertise across many different industries and verticals. According to them, the current hotspots for procurement are China, Peru and Switzerland.

Biochemsoft has come up with this funny video on why Sourcing/Procurement is so hot and why the demand for Certified Supply Chain Associates, Certified Supply Chain Specialists and Certified Procurement Professionals are always high!

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