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What is 5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine?

5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine is an intermediary metabolites used to form Capecitabine which is used in cancer treatment.



Molecular formula: C9H12FN3O4
Molecular weight: 245.21
CAS No. 66335-38-4
Melting point: 210-216 C

Demand for 5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine (5′-DFCR)

Globally there is a huge demand for 5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine as it is one of the main components used to form Capecitabine.

Capecitabine is used for treating breast and colorectal cancer.

Top 10 Suppliers for 5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine

Name Country Contact Details
SL Chemicals USA
Telephone: 1-845-5018259
State: Texas
City: Terrace

Ningbo Samreal Chemical Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou ICH Biopharm Co., Ltd.


Jinan Great Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 86-531-58668193
Address: No. 55, North Xiaoxinzhuang West Street, Huaiyin District, Jinan
Province/State: Shandong
City: Jinan

Trust & We Group


Hangzhou Uniwise International Co., Ltd.


Wuxi Mizat Chemical Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Hanwish Industrial Co., Ltd.


Jinan Boss Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

China http://www.

Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.


Price Range of 5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine

Depending on the order quantity, the FOB price of 5′-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine may vary between $200 – $2000 per Kilogram.


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Bindiya Vakil, President of Resilinc talks about Supply Chain Risk


It is a common practice among the Supply Chain Experts to always focus only on  the products or services that contribute more than 80% of their spend. They go a long way in hiring procurement intelligence companies or consultants who can help them to assess the supply chain risk of only their major spend categories. But lets face it. What if there is a raw material which is very low on spend but highly required to manufacture a product? What if it is single sourced? In other words, what if there is only one supplier from whom this can be procured? Since we cannot manufacture our product without this raw material, will this not have a significant impact on the company’s revenue? It is true that in the past there have been many cases wherein companies sufferred huge loss in their revenue while others went to the extent of bankruptcy purely because of the fact they did not focus on the supply chain risk of low spend categories and items. In the following video, Ms.Bindiya Vakil, President of Resilink gives a classic example with Apple Inc. Check it out

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Demand forecasting for brewery company with 85 per cent accuracy

Demand forecasting, Price forecasting, Market Research,

In this video Mr.Sury Balasubramanian, Founder and CTO, Gaea Global Technologies, Chennai ( explains how by looking at past data his company was able to accurately predict the demand seasonality. This will help many companies reduce their inventory carrying costs. Have a look.

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Caustic Soda Price increases by 30%

caustic soda

Due to the increasing demand for Caustic soda across the world, the price increased by 30% within a span of 6 months. As per the latest information provided to International Institute for Procurement and Market Research by one of the leading Caustic Soda manufacturers in China, the current prices are

Caustic Soda Price FOB Tianjin seaport is:

1) pearl, purity: 99%  542. USD per ton

2) flake, purity: 99%  533. USD per ton

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Global Demand for EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is set to increase by 1.5 Million Tons by 2020


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is an elastomer. It denotes a terpolymer based on three monomers namely ethylene, propylene and a non-conjugated diene. EPDM finds use as elastomer in several growth oriented application sectors such as automobile, building and construction, wires and cables, etc.

Supply scenario -Period 2011

Global installed capacity:      1,266,000 metric tonnes

Capacity utilization:              90% on an average

Global production:               Around 1,394,000 metric tonnes

Future installed capacity and production estimates (In metric tonnes)


**Installed capacity











*Considering capacity utilization of 90%

**Considering all the announced projects would be commissioned by 2016

Demand drivers and growth

EPDM is the most used non-tyre synthetic rubber and is recording steady demand growth amongst the synthetic rubbers. The growth in demand for EPDM will be driven by the performance of the application sectors, of which automobile sector constitutes the largest segment. The application sectors are growth oriented.

Overall AAGR through 2020 – 4.6%

Global demand for EPDM – Period 2011

Global demand – .14 million tonnes per annum